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Equipment for operative services

An integrated voice and data communication system Motorola ASTRO 25, developed on the basis of APCO 25 standard specifically for public security service, enables full engagement in main duties avoiding distraction to technical issues. It ensures successful cooperation of the different central and local units solving both everyday and emergency tasks.


Project 25 (P25 or APCO 25)

Standard P25 is being recognized in law enforcement, public safety, security, public services as well as commercial applications. Motorola Company is actively participating in development of Project 25 standards starting from 1967 when Association of Public Safety Communication Officials (APCO) was established.

Integrated networks allowing voice and data communication, ASTRO 25 of Motorola, are complying with Project 25 Phase 1 standards and in use in different countries of public safety organization, where absolute reliability of crucial communication tools is needed. ASTRO 25 networks also ensure functional compatibility with other networks under Project 25.

Phase 1

At this date, manufacturers supply systems complying with P25 Phase 1 standard. These systems have standardized features assuring that compatible user radio stations of any manufacturer will be able to receive access to functions described in these parameters, without distinction of manufacturer of the network equipment.

Phase 2

The aim of P25 Phase 2 implementation is in enhancing efficiency of radio frequency range utilized by public safety services. Another implementation objective is to ensure compatibility of different manufacturers' equipment within infrastructure and sub-systems.

ASTRO 25 digital trunking communication system allows for

Distinct compatibility, i.e. possibility to maintain connection with other organizations or departments using Project 25 systems.

Flexibility and reliability of IP-connection, i.e. use of common IP-network for voice and data communication increases reliability of message delivery. IP-network parameters optimized for especially important message delivery.

Network security, i.e. integrated in ASTRO 25 reliable protection against different attacks.

System flexibility, i.e. possibility to enhance from one site to nationwide system covering whole country. Users, geographic coverage, data communication applications and communication channels with other networks can be added so far as needs and requirements of customer are growing.

Reliable field voice connection - function Push-to-Talk of ASTRO 25 network ensures fast contact. Well-thought call processing diagram ensures transmission of important information.

Unlimited mobility, i.e. access to different integrated data transferring networks, HPD and Mesh using Multi-net Mobility router.

Standard compliance - conformity with Project 25 ensures compatibility with other systems, including future ones.

Operating principles

Network management - package of applications for centralized administrating of voice and data radio communication systems enabling for remote setup, analysis, control and optimization.

Configuration of ASTRO 25 networks can build taking into account clients' demands for critical connections. Motorola offers operating solutions within frames of certain facility, limited zone or vast territory covering cities, districts, counties and even larger regions.

Voice communication and data connection tools allows to add regular conversation with information about location, text, etc.

High-speed data transmission ensures reliable data access for public safety services within large territories.

Trunking enables increasing of number of channels maintaining more users, more calls and more information with the same bandwidth.

Simultaneous broadcast ensures wide-range covering with simultaneous activation of several transmitters operating at the same frequency. Since simultaneous broadcast zones are usually overlapped, users can receive message regardless of part of the system they are in.

Multi-cast transmission to a large extent is similar to simultaneous broadcast, and ensures broadband cover by inclusion of several nodes with overlapped zones operating at the different frequencies.

Our services

During many years ZAO "BUDAPHONE LTD" disposes exclusive right for assembling and integrating APCO 25 digital equipment in the territory of the Russian Federation, which is confirmed by Certificates, issued by Motorola. We are prepared to perform entire work package for commissioning of digital radio communication systems under APCO 25, starting from designing, supply equipment, deployment, training personnel, and finishing with maintenance and future system updating / enhancement.

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