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Volna Radio Stations

Radio Communication Complex "Volna" has been manufactured by ZAO "BUDAPHONE LTD" since 2005 and supplied to arrange mobile operations radio connection for law enforcement squads. To manufacture the radio stations Company has all the necessary facilities and equipment.

Shelest The Encryption Module

ZAO "BUDAPHONE LTD" offers the latest Motorola APX P25 radios equipped with the software encryption module "Shelest" providing protection of voice communications from eavesdropping.

Motorola ASTRO 25 Systems

Radio communication systems by Motorola for public and state entities responsible for people and community safety operate both in everyday life and in emergency situations. Besides, great significance is given to fast and ensured information delivery to certain user.


MOTOTRBO is a digital two-way radio communication system of Motorola, specifically designed for professional entities requiring critical communication solution functioning in the licensed frequency range, that can be configured taking into account specifics of their work.

Motorola Broadband wireless networks

Motorola's networking solutions designed for high-performance and high-speed connectivity. Transform your enterprise with robust, flexible wireless solutions for reliable and customized connections indoors and out.

Wireless broadband Cambium Networks systems

Cambium Networks Company offers solutions in the field of wireless broadband access, which are flexible, easy to install, have intuitive controls and cost-effective, allowing to make high-speed access available to everyone on the planet.

Intellio video systems

Intellio is a security company developing smartcameras and comprehensive video surveillance systems. Our solutions are distributed widely in various areas, in many industries, custom-tailored to regional and applicational peculiarities. The reliable and fully-customizable system allows for simple installation, stable and economical operation, along with 21st century image processing and video surveillance capabilities. Manufacturing is done using the latest technology with fully automated machinery following the best traditions of European precision.


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