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Volna 302 Portable Radio Station

Volna 302 Portable Radio Station
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Volna 302 Multifunctional Radio Station ensures mobile radio communication for the benefits of law enforcement agencies. Manufacturer: ZAO "BUDAPHONE LTD" (Russia).

Signalling: Quick Call II, DTMF, CTCSS, DCS (PL/DPL).

Channel scanning: radio station allows for controlling activity and answer calls in different communication channels with pre-selected scanning list.

Transceiver power: radio station can select from 2 transceiver's power levels, which saves batteries charge.

Clear audio: clear, audible and loud speaking in practically every surrounding allowed by voice compression and noise eliminating technologies.

Whisper mode: allows for speaking quiet for covert conversations.

Additional features: enhanced functionality of the radio via installation of additional boards. E.g. scrambler.

Displey: large 8-letters display with backlighting and 10 determined icons. Indicates text, functions icons and selected operating mode of the radio station (batteries level, signal strength, etc.

Tone signals: radio station generates clearly differed tone alerts when navigating through the different modes and functions.

Disabled signaling: when setting up your radio station, you can disable light and sound alerts.

Menu: more operability when navigating through the rich menu.

General system performances

Specifications VHF
Frequencies (MHz)
146,0 - 174,0
403,0-440,0, 438,0-470,0, 465,0-495,0     
Channel Spacing (kHz)
  12,5 / 20 / 25
Channel Capacity
Power Supply (V)
Rechargeable battery 7,5
Dimensions: H W L (mm)
130,5 62 42
Weight (gm)
Average battery Life  5/5/90 cycle   Low Power 11 hours
High power 8 hours

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