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Motorola ASTRO 25 Systems

Radio communication systems by Motorola for public and state entities responsible for people and community safety operate both in everyday life and in emergency situations. Besides, great significance is given to fast and ensured information delivery to certain user.



Portable Radios

Up-to-date radio stations ASTRO 25 dedicated for emergency response teams are reliable, secure and efficient solutions.

Mobile Radios

High performance, efficiency and safety - these are parameters of great importance for equipment of field personnel. Designed for use in hard conditions, network-based mobile radio stations ASTRO 25 are engineered taking into account requirements of public safety service, and developed using best practices needed to solve critical tasks.

Site equipment

Base of ASTRO 25 IP-network is an equipment of main center. It is responsible to manage network and performance optimization.


Support your ASTRO 25 network with intuitive radio dispatch and accurate record-keeping accessories to stay on top of your critical communications.


Two-way radio encryption is a critical aspect of compliance but doesnt have to be tedious or redundant with software and portable solutions that eliminate manual entry, reach out-of-range units and improve security.

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