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GTR 8000 Base Radio/Expandable Site Subsystem
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Base radio station GTR 8000 supporting networks ASTRO 25 (IV&D) and high performance data transmission is designed for convergent voice communication and data transmission within ranges 700/800 MHz, UHF (435–524 MHz) and High Frequency (136–174 MHz) as well as for HPD system s within 700/800 MHz range. Up-to-date G series equipment is notable for flexibility and reliability. Possibility for modernization is envisaged through software updating.

General system performances

Depending on demand, you can select one of the following configurations of base radio station ASTRO 25 GTR 8000:

- Node sub-system with extension possibility GTR 8000 (IV&D and HPD).
- Node sub-system GTR 8000 (HPD only).
- Base radio sub-system GTR 8000 (IV&D and HPD).

Base radio sub-system GTR 8000 has the following opportunities and advantages:

- The best in industry communication quality using less number of nodes implementing simultaneous linear transmission.

- Simultaneous transmission over IP protocol.

- Efficient use of work space over compact 3U rack.

- Opportunity for modernization of the radio system via software updating.

- Simplicity of updating and current software maintenance due to modular structure and software download manager.

- Utilization of functionally independent modules exchangeable without system downtime and minimum channel off time.

- Streamlined maintenance; significantly reduced number of adjustments.

- No need for initial adjustment or on-spot maintenance of multisite simultaneous transmission systems and HPD systems.

- Power supply from backup batteries and its recharging, which in many cases eliminates demand for uninterrupted power supply.

Frequency ranges 700/800 MHz, UHF (435–524 MHz) and HF (136–174 MHz). Convergent voice and data communication systems (IV&D) ASTRO 25; High Performance Data transmission systems (HPD) with 25 kHz bandwidth channel.

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