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Professional two-way radio communication system MOTOTRBO

In 2007 Motorola has issued a product line of digital radio station under the trademark MOTOTRBO — a digital two-way radio system (learn more about standard) developed specifically for professional companies requiring specialized communications solution of crucial importance, functioning in licensed bandwidth. The solution represented by professional two-way radio system employs enhanced functional opportunities for its users, high efficiency and advanced quality due to digital technologies ensuring advanced capacity and efficiency of frequency spectrum utilization, integrated data transmission and more reliable voice connection.


MOTOTRBO system allows for implementation of individual, highly effective solution complying with applicable standards, which can be adjusted considering your requirements for coverage and future tasks. Vast range of available products employs all the necessary features needed for development of a complex system, including hand-held and mobile radio stations, transponders, additional equipment, applications and complete solution.

Advantages of MOTOTRBO

Utilizes TDMA technology (digital time-division multiplexing), twofold increasing system capacity against analogue radio stations or FDMA stations, without additional expenses for purchasing new license.

Doubles number of users who can work at the same licensed channel 12.5 kHz with no monthly service charge.

Implements complex voice and data transferring, which increases operational efficiency and supports various applications. Due to Motorola's Partnership Program for developers users and systems integrators have access to the state-of-the-art developments and can gain implementation profit.

Ensures purer voice communication within longer range against analogue radio stations of the relevant class, suppressing interferences and noises.

Elongates operational run-life of batteries. Digital two-way radio stations maintaining TDMA technology operate 40% longer in independent mode comparing to standard analogue radio stations.

Implements additional functions such as data transmission to control panel and enhanced opportunities for calls arrangement.

Working both in analogue and digital mode, simplifies conversion from analogue to digital communication systems.

Complies with the strict requirements of the US Armed Forces, IP57 Standard in terms of dust and moisture protection, as well as own Motorola's strength and reliability standards.

Utilizes smart power supply system IMPRES™, which automates batteries maintenance, optimizes their run-life and increases talk time.

Infrastructure expenses in MOTOTRBO system are 2 times less than analogue systems', since in the second call the system does not require the second transponder.

Multi-site trunking system MOTOTRBO Linked Capacity Plus  

Linked Capacity Plus is a cost effective solution allowing for setup connection with large field group within a large area, using scale adjustable and handy system. Linked Capacity Plus offers the most important functions needed in business, such as integrated voice and data communication in one place or in remote location without dedicated network controller.

Irrespective of whether participants need to talk to each other in a field, return to office or use voice communication applications, such as instant text exchange, tracking location or work order cards, Linked Capacity Plus system allows for making work more secure, and increases productivity of a business day. Learn more


MOTOTRBO implementation cases

School District Installs MOTOTRBO Integrated Radio System

MOTOTRBO: Connecting Staff Seamlessly at South Florida's Premiere Resort

Greenville Hospitals Tighten Security with MOTOTRBO, IP Site Connect


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