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AO «BUDAPHONE LTD» is the standing partner of MOTOROLA

AO «BUDAPHONE LTD» (close joint-stock company) has been operating in telecommunication market since 1994. The main fields of company’s business are fully integrated solution in VHF communication facilities.

As of the date of foundation, the main work areas were designing, supply and technical support of VHF radiotelephones. First of all, there were trunking and conventional communication facilities made by Hungarian companies, which are still in use in energy, oil and gas producing companies.

Enhancing field of activity AO «BUDAPHONE LTD» proceeded to supply MOTOROLA communication facilities, and by the beginning of 1999, the Company was awarded the Official MOTOROLA Distributor status which is still maintained nowadays

Starting with 2005 AO «BUDAPHONE LTD» began to supply radiocommunication complex "Volna" produced on the basis of MOTOROLA components. Also in this year an interagency commissioning tests were carried out with regard to radio stations, and based on the results, Interagency Commission issued recommendations to accept the radio stations in the Internal Affairs bodies and Internal Troops of MIA of Russia. Radiocommunication complex "Volna" is compatible with great part of MOTOROLA radio stations; this is why it is not required to purchase additional accessories, chargers, batteries and software for the units of MIA of Russia who have already used similar radio communication facilities.

AO «BUDAPHONE LTD» have a certified service center for repair and maintenance of professional radio communication tools ensuring comprehensive support for their clients. At any time you can have a competent consulting over the phone or in the service center. Maintenance is carried out using specialized equipment provided with all the necessary certificates. Learn more

Our Company has experts with more than 20 years of experience in radio communication, who attends advanced training in different fields.

AO «BUDAPHONE LTD» has the certificates of self-regulating organizations required for business activities. In order to improve service quality for our clients, a quality management program certified per ISO 9001 was developed and implemented.

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