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Development of multi-channel D/A dispatching operations radio communication network

In 2000 Main Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow (MDIA) was tasked to update out-of-date and obsolete radio communication system built in 1980s. To complete this task a project was accepted proposed by ZAO "BUDAPHONE LTD", made on the basis of MOTOROLA technologies. Updating meant gradual conversion from conventional analogue radio communication to digital trunking. This project was unique in terms of many criteria. First of all, Moscow has difficult geographic and administrative structure, which imposes limitations on base stations deployment. In the next place, new system of radio communication ought to use channels and common structure of the existing system, taking into account highly loaded radio spectrum and absence of free radio channels in Moscow. In the third place, when changing radio communication, the active system of the MDIA should not be interrupted.

Digital radio communication technology APCO 25 was taken as a basis for system development. To check the accepted solutions and work out conversion technology, the works were done stage by stage. At the first stage, in 2000 we have constructed Radio Center for Moscow CIAD Police Control Room located at 38 Petrovka str. Later on, similar centers were built in ten administrative districts of Moscow. All Radio Centers operate in mixed mode, i.e. support both digital and analogue radio communication mode. Diversity reception technology is utilized in all the districts for full territory coverage. Radio communication system core is built using central commutator CENTRACOM Gold EliteTM, located in Moscow MDIA Control Room. In every administrative district CENTRACOM Gold EliteTM commutators are installed as well, connected to the central commutator of Moscow MDIA. Dispatching desks are connected to all the commutators. In total, system wields 28 dispatching points, providing communication for control rooms of districts and the city.

By 2005 about 50 receive and receive/transmit network points were deployed. In 2006 works on arrangement of necessary communication lines were complete, which was needed to unite radio sites in Internal Affairs Directorates of the administrative districts, in their turn incorporated in integrated system with center located in the Moscow MDIA control room. The system uses more than 60 radio channels accessible from work stations of dispatch officers deployed in Moscow MDIA and administrative districts. By the beginning of 2007, Militia of the city had about 35 thousand user stations in operation, 15% of which were digital. Currently, the radio communication system of Moscow MDIA is the largest project under APCO 25 standard within the country. ZAO "BUDAPHONE LTD" is carrying out maintenance of entire radio communication system, including customer equipment.

In 2004 in Bodrum, Turkey, ZAO "BUDAPHONE LTD" was awarded with MOTOROLA Certificate for successful APCO 25 project implementation in Moscow CIAD during the meeting of Russia, Belarus CGISS partners.

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