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Supply and commissioning of APCO 25 trunking digital radio communication

In 2005 ZAO "BUDAPHONE LTD" built trunking digital three-site radio communication system in Kazan in the benefit of the Tatarstan MIA - for the first time in Russia. The project was implemented on the basis of SmartZone ASTRO 25 system developed by Motorola.

Digital technology APCO 25 provides voice data communication with higher quality comparing to conventional analog radio communication. The system offers communication of digital information simultaneously with voice data. Data transfer is used, for instance, to transmit requests in MIA databases regarding location of objects and other on-line information.

Trunking arrangement allows for efficient use of the frequency resource, distribute free channels within the system and control communication network. There are 18 channels used in the system, distributed throughout three base radio-sites. System management is carried out from three dispersed dispatch stations. The system operates central commutator CENTRACOM Gold EliteTM allowing for connection of telephone and radio communication channels of other systems, and distribute channels resources in on-line mode. Trunking digital radio communication system comprises five sites located in different points of the city.

Experts of ZAO "BUDAPHONE LTD" completed the whole turnkey package in terms of installation and configuration of base stations (radio-sites), dispatching sites, programming and system tests for the MIA radio communication system. ZAO "BUDAPHONE LTD" is carrying out maintenance of both radio communication system and customer equipment. System commissioning was coincided with the beginning of festive events dedicated for Kazan's 1000-years Anniversary.

Our company was granted with Letter of Gratitude signed by the Tatarstan MIA Minister for timely accomplishment of this challenge.

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