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Equipping the objects of AO "CHGKK" with digital radio communication standard DMR and combining them through wireless broadband devices

The purposes of the project were:

1.1. Construction of a data transmission network to provide the facilities of AO "CHGKK" with modern telecommunication services (Internet, IP telephony, telemechanics, provision of communication channels for connection to a single VHF radio network of DMR base stations, etc.);

1.2. Creation of a modern digital network of production and technological operational VHF radio to ensure, first of all, the voice communication of drivers of vehicles operating on the main routes and involved in transportation of rock from production sites to processing complexes, transportation of dangerous goods (in particular explosives) from the port of the city Pevek to extractive enterprises, transportation of personnel for the watch, delivery of food and other necessary items to remote objects of the enterprise, in the second turn Transferring information on the whereabouts of vehicles and personnel of the enterprise and displayed in real time on the controller's screen mode.

The problems in the implementation of the broadband system and radio communication network project were long distances between construction sites (up to 200 km) crossed terrain and unsettled territory.

ZAO "BUDAPHONE LTD" carried out the design works, calculated the intervals and zones of the radio coverage, selected the equipment for broadband and VHF radio communications and within 1.5 years performed installation and commissioning.

At present, wireless lines of communication with a total length of about 500 km with an average data rate of 90 Mbit / s have been established between the objects of AO "CHGKK".

The coverage area of ​​the VHF radio network is about 350 km and covers the main facilities of AO "CHGKK" and technological routes.

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